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オンラインリリースパーティー !!

●日時 1/23(土) 夜9:45〜10:45頃まで生配信

●配信場所 「Kohmi's Movie」 ※有料会員限定コンテンツ


※「Kohmi's Movie」からもご覧いただけますが、事前に会員の皆様にはパーティー部屋のURLのご案内もメルマガいたします。

●出演 「SING」管理人 Staffのwish

   Special guest 広瀬香美✨


覗いちゃいけない「女子会」風リリースパーティー ✨






「SING」管理人 wish


Komi Hirose ❄️ Winter tour "Home Party" ❄️

Click here for all performance schedules and ticket purchases ✨

Or contact each performance from the "LIVE" menu for each schedule 😊


About 「SING」

 Renewal on December 1, 2020 
 Kohmi Hirose official fan club site "SING"
 ~ A place where you can meet Kohmi Hirose ~ 

Advance ticket reservation, media appearance information and live information,
Get information about the new album as soon as possible!
We will also prepare a lot of member-only benefits ✨
 We will actively take in the requests and opinions of our fans, 
 It is an evolving fan club site. 

 Valuing the connection with the fans, even hotter and deeper ✨ 
 Let's liven up Kohmi Hirose together.

[🎁 New enrollment benefits]
 ■ Kohmi Hirose's morning song "I support your day ♪" present 
 ■ Kohmi Hirose's wake-up call 2 pattern gift 
■ Issuance of digital membership card for original design "SING"

[🎁 Members-only Special Content]
■ " Morning Radio"
 Live voice radio delivered every morning ✨ 

 ■ "kohmi'Movie " 
 Deliver videos on a regular basis ✨ 

■ "Staff Blog"
Live photos and off-shots. You can only see it here,
A spectacular Blog ✨ spelled by the staff

[🎁 Member-only benefits]
 ■ Information on pre-order sales of tickets
 Get your ticket faster than anywhere else ✨ 
 ■ Delivery of e-mail newsletter 
 Promptly deliver information such as media appearances 

 ■ Birthday message present 
Video message that arrives on a special day ✨

■ Member-only goods sale
We sell "SING" limited original goods that only members can purchase!
■ Holding fan club events
We are planning at any time ✨ We are waiting for your request!

Live distribution is also planned! !!

You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after you became a VIP member

Kohmi Hirose KOHMI HIROSE OFFICIAL FANCLUB ¥1100 / month

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